We Share The Path


Radiomarelli was born on 19 November 1929, by the will of Senator Gianni Agnelli , by Mr Benni, President of ERCOLE MARELLI & C. and by Mr Quintavalle, Managing Director of the ITALIAN FACTORY MAGNETI MARELLI. The first Radiomarelli radio models have been produced on american patents, in the MAGNETI MARELLI factory. The products follow the style and ID of the American radios (Bosch brand), similar logo and commercial slogan. In 1936 Radiomarelli has been a pioneer in experimental research in the futuristic «electronic» television. In 1939, with Magneti Marelli, it is among the first companies in the world to introduce on the market the first “electronic” television sets, marking an epochal step in the world of masss communications. Subsequently Radiomarelli started the design, production and independent distribution of radio and television sets. Period in which the famous scientist Enrico Fermi (Noble Prize in physics in 1938) held the role of General Manager in the Magneti Marelli science and research laboratories. new life thanks to the passion and

Who We Are

The Radiomarelli brand returns to new life thanks to the passion and initiative of the new Ownership. The “new Radiomarelli” consists of different and complementary souls for specific skills, experience and professionalism. An industrial reality projected to technological research, to the development of hardware and applications, to the experimentation of new materials, to the production of fashionable Hi Tech products.

Our Mission

The new Radiomarelli born from the desire to revive, develop and internationalize this historic and prestigious Italian brand. Concentrate tradition, creativity and Italian technology in Hi Tech products with great emotional impact and a high standard of quality.

Our Strength

The beating heart of the “new Era Radiomarelli” has a strong and marked national connotation and is entrusted to “our” Italian team and partners of the highest level and skills:

  • Researchers
  • Designers and Graphic Designers
  • Engineers and Technicians
  • Joiners
  • Sound Engineers
  • System Engineers and Developers
  • Senior Sales (top italian companies and international companies)